Imagine: a place where you can meet people from all over the world and from a lot of different cultures. The World Scout Jamboree is exactly this place and today we celebrated all the cultures that are here.


The day started off easily. We could sleep in and after that we had a small breakfast. We were going to eat all day because off the Cultural Celebration Day. Every country served a food which was typical for their own country. The Netherlands served poffertjes. Poffertjes are like small pancakes. You are supposed to dip it in powdered sugar, but we ran out of it so we just dipped it in regular sugar. There was not a lot left because everyone loved it:

We walked around the summit and stopped by a lot of different countries to see what they were serving and what their culture was like. One of those countries was Taiwan. We got a batch from Vege Plan. It’s a plan where you’re supposed to eat a vegetarian breakfast for a year.

We also wrote our names in mandarin on a fan. That was really fun to do but also really hard. It turned out like this:

We also stopped by Jordan. We had to do six games and if you did them right, you would get one of the six letters of Jordan. If you collected all of them, you could either get a batch, a neckerchief or a woggle. I chose the neckerchief:

We also stopped by a Brazilian unit where a traded my contingent T-shirt for a Brazilian T-shirt. We became friends with them and we had a very good time. We even made dinner plans with that unit!

This is one of the T-shirts from the Brazilian contingent.

After we visited a lot of other countries we went back to our campsite. We had to teach people from other countries to make woggles out of licorice.

When the afternoon came to an end, we had to get our food. One of our patrols is cooking right now. We’re eating hot dogs tonight!

After dinner there’s a unit bash. All of the Jamboree participants are going to be there so it will be a big party. I’m really looking forward to it!

More of the Cultural Celebration Day will be one online in the next days.

See you tomorrow!

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