With jamboree over a week I’ve had time to reflect on what amazing experience It was and I just want to say if you’re someone looking at going to the next jamboree or any after that, I would highly recommend it. It was definitely one of the best 3 weeks of my life. The cost might seem like a lot but trust me, with the friends you’ll make and the brilliant experiences you’ll have it’ll be well worth it so start saving now. Also I have a motto for Life that goes “You will only regret the things in life that you didn’t do so go for it”.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity as you will never have a chance to go as a participant to a World Scout Jamboree again. So think about it, weigh up the pros and cons, attend your selection day and start your WSJ journey, it’ll be one to remember.

Yours in Scouting – Mark McGahey

Also here’s some photos from the jamboree I thought you might enjoy.

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