Today, I visited the Global Ambassador headquarters for the last time. At this point, there were only two days left until the end of jamboree and it was pretty hard to believe. This was the day when I started doing things for the last time or seeing, visiting activities, places and people for the last time. That one moment which we all hate so much that always comes along at the end of every trip. My voyage was ending and I only began to realize once I left the Global Ambassador HQ after the morning blogging session. After all, I did spend hours in there. It might had as well been the place where I spent the most time throughout the entire jamboree – apart from our camp of course. So leaving there and knowing I would never come back again felt strange.


I left the tent with these thoughts in my mind – not thinking about how fast the end is approaching, getting some rest before the GA closing reception and then a gathering of the whole Czech contingent in the evening. This jamboree’s Czech contingent is actually the biggest one our country has ever formed for a world scout jamboree. It consist of around five hundred people, which is pretty impressive for such a small country if you ask me.


When I arrived back to our camp, I took a shower and changed into my full scout uniform to get ready for the closing reception. It kept on hitting me hard again and again that the whole thing was really coming to an end – first the global ambassador programme, then the whole jamboree. The walk to the reception took shorter than I thought it would and before I knew it, I was sitting right there with my group of ambassadors called Eagle. It was so cool to see them again after the whole jamboree has passed, talk to them and see what they had been up to. We all made so many unforgettable memories and I just couldn’t really believe just how much we got to experience in a span of just a little over a week. We received our neckers – and I absolutely love them. They’re not only really pretty, but also super meaningful. I’m so glad to have received such a cool reminder of this amazing programme that I was so lucky to be a part of.

Later that day, we had a gathering of our entire contingent as I mentioned above. It was lowkey a mess, but that’s okay! It was a lot of fun. We managed to take a picture of the entire contingent and one of each of the units pretty well after all! And then, we could peacefully go get our beauty sleep – which we all desperately needed to survive the upcoming closing ceremony.

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