I woke up late today. I decided to take some time to myself, rest up and charge up my energy – and my powerbank’s too. I decided to go to the charging station and I made the gravely mistake of bringing a book with me. I got so caught up in the plot (I was reading the Da Vinci Code, I’m sure some of you will be able to understand why I got so invested :D) that I completely lost track of time and spent over two hours there. I think it’s still a good thing though – we all need some time to ourselves, to charge up and get more energy from time to time so that’s what I did! 

After that, I decided to visit the Faiths and Beliefs tent. I’m glad the jamboree site offers an opportunity to learn more about foreign religions. I feel like it’s crucially important to be familiar with different religions because they are very often some of the biggest aspects of people’s life that are also sadly often misunderstood. It is important for us to understand each other to be able to stand by each other’s sides and help each other out. I reckon learning about religions is underestimated and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. So I’m really glad such place exists at the jamboree and I had a great time visiting it and talking with people of so many different faiths and beliefs about their religion. 

In the evening, me and my buddy Dýně went to a Swedish camp to visit my fellow global ambassador Eddie for dinner for the exchange program. It took us a while to find the proper icebreaker so we felt kind of awkward at first but then we found a good topic and had A LOT of fun! 🙂 We exchanged our opinions on some serious stuff such as the LGBTQ+ community and got to know more about a Swedish mid summer celebrations during which they dance around a green cross that they were just making while we were there. We exchanged a lot of badges and made several new Swedish friends. They were all super kind to us and in the end, we arrived back to our camp after 10PM, which is pretty late. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon!


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