The Centro Mundial is an amazing place. From taking pictures with sombreros to trying Cyprus’s sweets to reading about all the past Jamborees at the Scout Museum, you will find a days worth of looking around. And today me and my friends did just that. Though the heat was almost unbearable, we walked from tent to tent and looked around. It felt like the permanent version of the culture day.


Speaking of culture day, I still haven’t talked about the show, have I? Well, all I can say is that I was completely blown away. By everything. But especially the performance of the broadway performers. As a person who grew up with musicals and has always wanted to visit broadway, I completely freaked out when they showed up on stage. I loved all of the songs, from The little mermaid, beauty and the beast, newsies, Mary Poppins and Tarzan, but I especially loved the Lion King and, of course, the finishing song “Let it go” from frozen.

A huge thank you to the performers. You were absolutely amazing.



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