Ready to Unlock a New World?  Come visit Centro Mondial, derived from the Spanish word for “center” and the French word for “world”, in the heart of the Jamboree!  Our program consists of three elements, all designed to engage your mind and connect you with fellow scouts: North American Dream, Faith and Beliefs, and Living in the 21st Century.

North American Dream

We’re excited to welcome scouts from around the world to North America for the World Scout Jamboree!  While here, you will have the opportunity to dive into what makes North America unique.  While distinct nations, Canada, Mexico, and the United States have much in common: values, natural resources, and financial systems.  With a series of exhibits and activities that explore these topics, the North American Dream will help you to:

  • Experience the cultures of Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  • Learn about the natural resources of the host countries
  • Discover how ideas and dreams are turned into reality with the Inventor’s Hall of Fame
  • Explore how a North American legal system works and get involved in a court case
  • Try trading stocks in a market simulation
  • Learn about entrepreneurship and discover the skills you need to be an entrepreneur on your own

Faith and Beliefs

The World Scout Jamboree is a great place to deepen your understanding of your own faith, the faiths of others and the sense of shared spirituality that connects us all!  Become a Messenger of Peace and engage with one of our foundational principles. Also, through-out the sub-camps at the jamboree, there will religious services for various faith groups and chaplains for counseling and pastoral care.

Living in the 21st Century

The 21st Century has become a landmark in history: infant mortality has plummeted, we are better educated than ever, and we have never been able to spread information so widely and so quickly. Come see how the 21st century has created an environment where ideas flourish across many topics. As individuals, it is hard to change the world; but, if enough talented minds come together to solve problems – if we share ideas with one another – then small incremental progress can become huge leaps. Come explore Living in the 21st Century to learn skills and to generate ideas about the workforce of the future, natural exploration, media communications, modes of transportation, and the food industry. Explore the skills you may need in the future and see how you can develop these into hobbies or careers!

Knowledgeable Workforce

We all like to make our lives easier; technology is on the rise and has been used globally to automate jobs, but what opportunities and challenges does this bring to the global workforce? The Knowledgeable Workforce program area seeks to help you think about your future by looking at drones, virtual reality, and even robots!


From walking around your neighborhood to exploring the cosmos, it’s important to think, “why do we explore?”  Exploration pushes back the frontiers of the unknown, from traveling where we have never been before, to observing, investigating, and developing new technology that will allow us to expand the limited of knowledge from space to great depths underwater.

Communications & Media

With the rise of the internet, communications and media have changed drastically in a very short period of time so it is important for us to think about how we are communicating with others and ensure that we are processing the messages we are receiving. Our Communications & Media area deals not only with social media, but also with the news and how to tell if what you see and hear is true (#fakenews?).  Explore the 21st century TV studio and try any role in the studio, whether you aspire to be an anchor or a cameraman. Visit the amateur radio area and communicate with people around the world (and possibly at the International Space Station!).  What is the trick to overcoming communication barriers?  Find out here!


We are constantly making decisions especially when we travel because there are numerous methods of getting from one place to another. What kind of decisions do we make when choosing our transportation? At our Transportation area, we offer hands-on experiences like traveling a normal street with a wheelchair, or taking a peek at the pros and cons of self-driving vehicles.


When thinking about Food, it is essential to look at what you eat and wonder, “where does it come from? How do we prepare it?”  Participate in activities such as fishing fly tying, casting, catch and release fishing, and a knife skills instruction from a chef. Learn about greenhouses, hydroponics, growing local food, community gardens, and water conservation techniques. Have you ever wondered if eating insects is the answer to sustainable food supply around the world? Find out in the Food area.

Sustainability Treehouse

As scouts, we should all be interested in the future and hope we can all come together and shape it in a positive and sustainable way. There are answers to problems but we must ensure that our solutions are long-lasting. To learn about sustainable solutions, take a peek at the Sustainability Treehouse, a living, interactive education center. Interactive exhibits throughout the Treehouse feature sustainable technologies, including solar panels, wind turbines, and a large water treatment system which all reflect a Scout’s commitment to sustainability.

In a world of ever-increasing change, come and explore the enduring and the cutting-edge to see what it will take to Be Prepared for the future at Centro Mondial!

This page is also available in: Español Français

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