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North American Dream

North American Dream is all about you! It is moving, inspirational, and a catalyst for ideas and conversation. Come and see the world in a new way, or discover your career path! At North American Dream, you can explore the ideas, unique geographical resources, and values that are important to the host nations (Canada, Mexico and United States of America).

Culture: Experience the cultures of the three host countries and consider the similarities and the differences. Even if you’re from one of the hosts, you’ll learn something
about your neighboring countries!

Natural Resources: Learn about the natural resources of the host countries. Which resources are important? Why should we strive to protect them?

Interconnectedness: The world keeps shrinking. Over the years, we have become more connected globally. Come explore how this changes how people interact.

Civil Liberties: Explore Civil liberties and learn how the host nations protect their rights.

Entrepreneurship: What makes an entrepreneur different from an employee? Come discover skills you need to be an entrepreneur of your own.

Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of technological advances: someone has to dream up an idea before a product can be made and produced. Come join us to discover how ideas and dreams are turned into reality.

Finances: How does the stock market work? See how and why money is made and how financial markets effect everyone around the world.

Free Market Economics: Why is trade important? Come play a fun game and find out!

LOCATION: Legacy Village

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