Today was ninth day at the jamboree. I really wanted to go to the canopy tours but I missed my vip 7:00 acess to the jamboree a few days back..So i decided to wake up at 5:00 am today and get ready to leave for the canopy with my buddy from our contigent. I finally arrived at the canopy tours at 6:00 am the line was really long but i instead used this time and make friend with some wonderful scouts from USA.. These guys were so friendly that they told us to join their patrol for the day and the even gave me a USA necker. I then made it to ground school where learnt the basics of ziplining..We then had to go to a next station where they furthur breifed us on the safety. I felt like if i were ironman because after all the long breifs we were gearing up with roughly 15 pounds of weight. When I stepped off the first platform to start ziping at first I was a bit scared but after getting the hang of it and the motivation of my entire new team i started enjoying it.. I could feel the adrealine in me rising..It was so amazing, I was basically flying but then i reached the end of the course. I was at my finally at my last platform then the instructor connected us to to bungie jump off the platform. Honestly I was a bit scared but my team motivated me again so I got back into “the on the edge mode “(basically where I overcame my fears and instead imbraced them). I then saluted my team telling them it was a pleasure serving with them. Then I jumped off and it was really fun..I even wished if it could have been longer. We finally hiked our way back up to the starting point where the gear was removed from us..I felt so light, I felt like if tons of weight was being lifed fom me.

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