On our arrival to the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve, we were  welcomed by a never-ending rain. Raincoats on, the set up was to begin. The kitchen, washing spot, dining area had to be accurately positioned so as to abide by all the norms and regulations set by the World Scout Jamboree Committee.

At first it was not easy due to extreme weather conditions we had to face relative to that of my home country; Mauritius. The wake up was the hardest effort we had to make.

As for what concerns the division of tasks, we were subdivided into 4 main groups; one for the cooking, washing up, orderly and the last one for the menu planning and shopping of our foodstuffs. This was done on a roaster basis.

Moreover, for the provision of food and drinks, a food store where a wide variety of stuffs are available, is put  at our disposal at respective hours.

Despite the difficulties to which we were exposed to, we had to strictly obey the sanitation rules set up. Cold showers and toilets were available to ensure proper hygienic environment to participants.
Moreover for convenience, water spots are placed at regular intervals so as to facilitate transportation to sub camps . During this time period, the thermometer keeps on rising and so do the risks of dehydration. In order to minimize the consequences, water taps have been installed throughout the reserve. Each and every detail has been scrutinised and adequate solutions have been found so as to coordinate events and  good functioning of the camp.
That’s why we say that scout life is an art; just take that brush Lord Baden Powell left for you and start to innovate!

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