Everyone knows that Camp Life is at the heart of the Jamboree experience! And indeed, both participants and International Service Team have lots of reasons to be excited about their time beyond daily adventure activities. Here is just a taste of what to expect in camp, next summer:

Participants will be camped in five basecamps with 19 subcamps across the World Scout Jamboree site. Each one will have a vibrant camp culture, with activities, games, athletic spaces, contests, and stage events. IST will organize some of these activities, but much of the fun will be open and free to participants at any time!

Along the roads, trails, and outside of adventure zones, keep an eye out for the Rover Brigade, which will be comprised of Rover-aged IST in the Puma Patrol and BP Corps. They will be serving in a special capacity, hosting pop-up photo booths, special activity centers, and friendship interaction zones. We believe the journey should be just as fun as the destination, making friends and memories along your way. You never know what new adventure you will find!

For IST members, we want you to know that extensive efforts are being made to ensure the best possible IST experience. “Echo” Basecamp, where IST will be camped, will play host to its own gym, yoga area, cinema, music DJ’s, quiet coffee area, badge swapping station, and Sauna! IST will also get a minimum of one day off.

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