At the morning we decided that we would sleep bit longer than before, because we were all so exhausted from doing so much new and exciting things. Then around ten we took the bus (there were these american school buses!!) to this really big climping activity, where we for example tried rappelling! At first it was quite scary to just lean back from the edge, but when you got the wall you could just start going down. We took some speed races too! 

On the other side of this activity place was this another high tower. From there, you could take the leap of fate. So you could jump from there, the 10 meters high tower. Of course we had these harnesses for safety, but when you jumped down you wouldn’t even notice those. It took lots of courage to jump from the edge, but I’m very happy I did. In the air, it felt like flying. I think it was quite close to what parachute jump or bungee jump would feel like. And after that excperience, I’m definately gonna try those!

When we were just leaving it started raining so hard! It was like ten times harder than Finland’s storm. It should have been sunny all day, so I didn’t take my rain coat with me. But luckily I have lovely friend who took me under her coat. Thanks Jenny! 😊 When we got to our campsite, I went to change some waterproof clothes. Then we went to the store to buy ingredients. After that we made dinner. It rained but we had so much fun with our group while doing it so it didn’t bother us. 

After dinner we went to our subcamp’s bash. There were lot of different music performaces, and everybody were dancing. Then there came this bubble-shower machine, which shoot bubbles to the audience. Everybody went to the rain and it was so cool. We had some bubblefights and it was just so nice end for the day!

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