Since the day we arrived we’ve had a few different things for breakfast. What we’re going to eat in the morning always depends on what’s left in the supermarket when we buy our food for the evening in the afternoon.
I like the cereals with milk the most because there are so many different flavours. There is cinnamon, chocolate, natural and natural but with marshmallows. I don’t know why but somehow everyone wants to have the chocolate flavoured cereals. But it’s good for me because then there are more of the ones with cinnamon left which are my personal favourite. However, we haven’t had any of them now for two days because we run out of cereals and milk.
Now we eat toast, or bagels with ham, salami or simply butter and jam. I was first a little sceptical about the jam because it is in a bottle (at home we only have preserving jars so it was weird to hold a bottle in my hand) but I ended up loving it and it tastes as good as it does at home.
Yesterday we didn’t eat either of those things. We were given small packages with a whole meal inside (french toast with strawberry jelly, a small carton of milk, a small can orange juice and a napkin). We got it for free because another unit from camp bought too many of them and if we wouldn’t have taken it, it would have ended up in the garbage. And it was actually pretty good.
But we didn’t have a box for everyone so some of us ate pancakes with maple syrup.
Honestly, I expected the food to be a lot worse because it’s just hard to find tasty food that can be easily cooked for so many people but I’m glad that it is alright and that I like it.
These are the cereals with marshmallows.
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