Part of the fun and excitement of the World Jamboree is all the memories you make and what better way to keep those memories than with event merchandise?   The Retail Sales team of the 24th World Jamboree is hard at work preparing to have everything you will want and need to make your experience one of the best times of your life.

We plan to kick off the Jamboree early, providing and online experience that brings you the opportunity purchase World Jamboree Merchandise as well as those things you might need to prepare yourself for your trip to the Summit.

The online store will be open to everyone, so even if you can’t attend the World Scout Jamboree but would like to be a part of the fun and excitement, you will have an opportunity to purchase official Jamboree Merchandise.  This is an opportunity to purchase some of those special items for your collection and not have to worry about carrying them home with you after the Jamboree!

Once onsite, we are planning to have multiple locations for your shopping convenience and in addition to the online items, there will be much more for you to consider.  We are working to make sure that we provide you with the best and easiest shopping experience possible.

The Retail Sales Team will be providing everything from patches for your collection to exclusive gifts for the most sophisticated of tastes.

Some helpful hints to aid your shopping are that payment methods on site will be gift cards, credit cards, and US currency.  We strongly encourage you to obtain US currency before you arrive at the Summit.  We also encourage you to have an idea of what you want to purchase and consider whether it is better to purchase the item online or at the Jamboree itself.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit in one of our Retail Shopping Facilities.


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