Nerves are increasing. Excitement is increasing. The crowds cheering is increasing.

Finally, something that all 45 000 of us have waited for for months and months is happening. The opening ceremony.

Because the new Lion King was recently released, South Africa had the amazing opportunity of being involved in the opening act of the opening ceremony of the World Scout Jamboree. The opening songs were three African songs, performed by Lebo M, and we were asked to be on stage, basically as back-up dancers. This was a once in a life time experience, because not many people can say they’ve performed in front of over 45 000 people! Luckily, all we had to do was bop and be hyped, and we didn’t have to learn any complicated dance moves!

After that, we were rushed off stage and to our designated spot, where we witnessed the Scouting spirit of thousands of people from all around the world unite, as we became many scouts with one set of values. We were entertained by a band that performs using recycled material as instruments, Bear Grylls, Fireworks and a mesmerizing Drone display, where drones with colour changing lights lit up the sky and created different pictures and words- something I, and many others, had never seen before.

One part of the experience I will never forget- my troop was lining up backstage, getting ready for our performance, and suddenly someone pointed out a changing room that was labeled “BG.” We quickly realized that BG could possibly stand for Bear Grylls, and suddenly we were all taking photos in front of the trailer. Later, we were lined up on stage, and Bear Grylls walked past and took a photo with us, and I managed to get a selfie with him! Wow! I can officially say that myself, and my entire troop “fan-girled” over Bear Grylls!

I look forward to all the experiences and memories I’m still going to make.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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