Today was the first day that it really felt like the jamboree was ending. I’m so glad I got to have this absolutely amazing experience, but I am also full of sadness that it’s ending.

I had some things left to trade, so I finished swapping. I got the backpack I wanted, as well as a sweater and a bunch of t-shirts, so I was happy.

I also got to do the GLOBE leadership experience, with some other ambassadors, which was a really cool experience. First we did an escape room, and then after we escaped, they showed us the room where they monitor us. They have cameras placed around the escape room, and they watch us to determine our styles of leadership. Afterwards, we sat down and discussed the positives and negatives of our leadership styles.

For instance, my leadership style is implementer. That means that I take action before planning, rushing into things headfirst. The positives of this style are that implementers are willing to take risks, and we are always curious, exploring the world around us. The negatives are that we tend to leap before we look, and we don’t sit back and plan anything out.

The one thing I did today that made it really feel like the jamboree was ending was the global ambassador closing ceremony. All the ambassadors got together to attend the closing ceremony of the program, and while it was great to meet up with ambassadors I’d come to be friends with, it made me sad that this amazing adventure was over.

There were some wonderful speeches at the ceremony, inspiring words said by ambassadors and IST alike. The wonderful team that has been working on the global ambassador program (huge round of applause for them and everything they’ve done!) even put together a video that showed the highlights of the jamboree as seen through all the ambassadors eyes. Three of my photos were featured in the video, which was incredible to see. The ceremony finished up with presenting the ambassadors with special neckerchiefs that were made for us. The ambassador program was something I will never forget, and I am so honoured to have had the chance to be a global ambassador.

This isn’t goodbye quite yet though, I’ll have a couple more blogs before this actually ends!

See you all soon,






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