Today was a resting day for me. Most of my group went to river rafting, and I stayed at the campsite. At the morning I just chilled, chatted with my friends before they left, and then went to visit the camp center with one girl from my group. When we were walking there, we bumped into one finnish guy who I had met at the bus when we coming to the campsite on a first day. Rest of his group were also in the river rafting so he joined us.

We went to 21st century program, where there was all different kinds of activities. First we went to NASA’s activity tent. There we went to this kind of ride, which represented how would it feel to be on a spaceship. It spinned to every possible direction, and it was kinda cool to feel the G-forces. Then we just walked through the village and looked some activities that seemed fun.

The day was super hot so we thought that ice creams would be a great way cool down. After eating we headed to sustainable treehause, which was huge! There was rooms where they had explained for example how phones are made from many particals, which are almost all from different countries. I think it was quite interesting! At the top there was this wall, where you could write on a piece of metal what could you do for the environment. People had written many creative things and it was super inspiring!

At the evening I went to watch my subcamp’s talent show. Ther were many great performances, and I think many of them haven’t performed before, so it was great opportunity for them too. At the evening we decorated a cake, because one boy from our group had a birthday. We held little party and everybody had lots of fun. It was really nice from our leaders to do this. After that, everybody went to sleep with a big smile on their face.

– Aada
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