This morning started very early as my alarm clock first rang at 5.45 am. The reason behind this was that I had to be at the GA tents by 6.15 am to start our trip up to the beginning of the Big  Zip.


Just as I should, I put off getting out of my sleeping bag for a couple of minutes since it was very cold outside, but eventually I just had to go through with getting out and putting on some warm clothes. I packed my backpack with everything that seemed heavy, just to make sure that I would be heavy enough for the zipline, woke my tent mate and started my one minute trip to our meeting point.


Unsurprisingly, I was neither first nor last, but still in time. At the same time, we had a pretty good view on my unit, as they were piling out of their tents for breakfast. The bus came and the trip to the top of the zipline was over way too fast for my liking, because I thought that it was going to be terrifying. And it was at least in the beginning.


But first came the safety introduction of everything we needed to know and to do, before we could put on our harnesses and helmets. After a five minute walk down the hill, we reached the starting point.


Suddenly, the reality of what I was about to do hit me and all I could think about was how dangerous it would be, if anything went wrong. Being hung from the line made me feel safe once again.


Too fast, the thrill of racing down a thin zipline was over. I would have vlogged it, but I don’t think that anybody would have wanted to put up with my screaming just after my harness had been released. I started enjoying the ride and its view a few seconds in and I think that this is one of the memories that I will cherish the most from the entire Jamboree.


Since I was so close to the contingent tents and I knew that my unit wouldn’t be back from the Water Reality activity any time soon, I decided to go and upload some of my pictures from yesterdays Unity ceremony to the Swiss contingents laptops before heading back.


My unit came back soon after me and I decided with my friends, that we were just going to chill out all day. It was nice to do that because the warmth was just wearing all of us out. It was too hot to do anything.


This afternoon we got a visit from the UKs unit 15, the Psychedelic Squirrels, with whom some of our unit members had skyped with previously to the Jamboree. They hadn’t managed to visit us yesterday, so we spontaneously decided to make another chocolate fondue for them to try.


This is all I’ve been up to today, but a lot more will happen, I am sure, since we’re all going to the Basecamp Bash later tonight. Who knows what’s going to happen??? Anyways, I will see you all tomorrow!

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