Scouting is all about challenges.
It’s all about finding solutions for any situation.
The real challenge for every Scout Jamboree is food.
Food, something that simple shouldn’t be supoused to make so many problems.
Different countries, cultures, needs….
For example, Balkan’s contingent (Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro) thinks that the food is or too salty, or too sweet. Even the bread is sweet.
But, like I said, we are scouts, so we have found a solution for that “problem”.
It is not the real solution, but for some things we found out how to use and eat. For bread, you have to put in it every salty thing you find and hope that it will be the good sandwich.
Actually, our real solution is a person.
It’s the one girl from my country, from Bosnia.
Her name is Šejla, and she is a really good cook.

She want and love to cook for us all. She is the chef of the kitchen, and rest of us are something more like stuff, and help in her magic preparations.

Because of our meals and dishes, every dinner we have some guests from different countries.
Until now, we had that pleasure to welcome friends from South Korea, Czech Republic, America, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia…
We hope that we will have chance to welcome  and some other people from other countries and to introduce them into some Balkan’s dishes until the end of the Jamboree.
You are all invited, every day, camp F, around 20:00/8p.m.
Just in case, I have to say that we are all very gratefull for all the food we have. The big THANK YOU goes to scouts from America, Mexico and Canada for giving us  the best Jamboree experience, and for making even the smallest things perfect.
Thank you!
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