First thing in the morning, we woke up at 5:30, went to the food market, bought our rations for the day and came back to camp. We had breakfast, and set off for our activities by 9 am.
We went to the Scott summit center, visited the US Internal Department and earned a badge. We went over to 5 stations that were:
VR experience
Dinosaur History
Map Making and Reading
It hardly took around 30 minutes and we earned such a cool badge! Pretty cool right?
Then our contingent went to the Boulder Cove for Rock Climbing and Rappelling. It was so cooool! I climbed the rock and was so scared when coming down, and was holding on for dear life even though there was a safety harness tied to my body which would have given me a smooth landing. I was climbing down holding the rocks when suddenly my hand slipped and I came down sliding on the rope so yeah!😂
(Picture 2)
So since you get 5 tickets in the boulder cove that you can use either for rock climbing or rappelling, I decided to use one of mine for rappelling. At first, I was VERY scared but the guy who tied me to the harness explained everything so calmly, a lot of my nervousness went away and when I actually started doing it, it turned out to be soooo easy and fun!
P.S. I was sad after this because my thumb nail broke which I’d been growing for the past 4 months!😉
(Picture 1)
Since it was now 4 in the afternoon, we knew we wouldn’t get into any activities and that the time would end before we could finish anything which is why we went to the Scott Summit Center building where a whole bunch of people had set up their own material which they wanted to swap with others. I swapped a ton of scarves(neckerchief), patches, pins, scarf slides(woggles), keychains, t-shirts, hats and even complete uniforms. It was perhaps the most fun activity of them all. You may think I’m a collector geek and you’ll most probably be right but I can be a lot of fun as well!
(Picture 3)
Everyone who is reading this article is invited to my sub camp for the cultural celebration day. I guarantee the food will be good!
Camp Number: D319
Country: Pakistan
Contact me (Fauz) for any questions! Hope you have a good day!
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Best Regards,
Fauz Rajan
Pakistan Boy Scouts Association
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