Each National Scout Organization has received a survey regarding arrival and departure for the 24th World Scout Jamboree, this preliminary survey is designed to help the planning of arrival and departure of each NSO.  Information contained in this survey does not require that final travel arrangements have been made, but it is to gather the intent of each NSO.

Key information in the survey asks about Where, When and How many will be arriving and departing.

The survey was sent to specific individuals within the NSO.  A unique access code is required to complete the survey. (Please note – access code requires entry with dashes.) Contact [email protected] with questions.

Survey information is due to be completed no later than November 30, 2018.

Specifically of interest in the survey will be if an NSO will be using one of the 3 official arrival / departure Gateway Portals. (Charlotte NC – Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT, Charleston WV – Yeager Regional Airport, CRW or Prince Amtrak Station, Prince West Virginia).

Any NSO that uses one of the three official Gateway Portals will have transportation arranged and provided to them.  If an NSO uses any other entry it will be the responsibility of the NSO to arrange its transportation at the NSO expense.


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