Cultural Day at Basecamp B had very diverse expositions. Throughout the day, a few contingents celebrated their countries by hosting small parades. Everyone around camp was very happy to discover new cultures. Participants were making new friends and clicking with each other using their Novus wristbands.

When walking around camp, people could see flags from all over the world. Lucas Vicente, from Brazilian troop 012, said that Cultural Day is “awesome” and his troop friends Carlos Dorigatti, Nathalia Oliveira, Laura Remus, and Bruno Petroski agreed. They claimed that getting to interact with people from different countries is “very cool”. They were carrying a Brazilian musical instrument called Pandeiro and were playing it for everyone who passed by.

Swiss troop 005 served Macaronis de Chalêt in their cooking tents. Meanwhile, Belgium troop 012 offered Wentelteefjes and Norway troop 004 had Lapper, which translates to “Norwegian pancakes”. The South Korean participants from troop 007 were happy to represent their country by wearing costumes typical of their culture and serving South Korean “hot spicy noodles”.

Brazilian troop 015 served Pé-de-moleque, Rapadura, Quebra-Queixo, and Biscoito de Polvilho. Troop 014 from Brazil, offered Capoeira classes and Doce de Leite. Brazilian troop 013, they had Paçoquitas. All three troops from Brazil were serving Brigadeiro, a chocolate sweet very common in the country.

The Czech Republic troop 001 served Bramborový Salát, which is a potato salad that they eat on Christmas Day. Uruguayan troop 001 was serving Dulce de Leche and Matte, which is a kind of tea, typical in Uruguay. Sweden troop 039 was serving Knäckebröd, Pepparkakor, Djungelvrål, Alghrens Bilar, and Iördagsgodis.

For Jerry Mahajan, from Australia troop 006, Cultural Day was “brilliant.” “Before today I had not met any South American people at all. We got to learn so much about their culture, specially their food. It is my favorite day so far!”, he says.

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