Have you actually stopped since you arrived on the Jamboree site over a week ago? Probably not! Chances are you’ve been constantly on the go trying to cram in as many activities on site and spend time with new friends as much as possible. That’s fine, after all it’s why we are here. With the constant activities paired with the exorbitant heat comes risk of fatigue, early burn out and increased rates of illness.

Let’s put things in perspective….

Summit Betchel reserve is over 46km square (11,400 acres). Just the walk from Base Camp A to F is 4.33 km (2.69 miles), don’t get me started on scaling Mount Jack. There is over 15 extreme sports to try, 11 international food houses to visit and 529 Novus badges to collect. That’s without all the other onsite activities including the global development village, international tents and the obligatory badge trading. Simply put, there is too much humanly possible to complete in the 12 days we are at the Jamboree.

So instead of attempting to do it all, use the last few days wisely – priorities your time to get the most out of this one in a life time experience. Sit down and plan which activities are most important to you to complete. Check the map and work out the most viable routes around the site to each location. For example, set one day aside to climb Mount Jack and complete all the activities up there. Think about also visiting the less strenuous activities that can be completed whilst sat in an air-conditioned tent. Check out the international tents and complete activities to get a whole lot of freebies – if you complete 5 activities in the Scandinavian tent you can even earn a special Nordic challenge badge. Go and see the amateur radio team and transmit a message to scouts from around the world. Visit the Young Correspondents at C1 and share a story from your time in West Virginia so far.

Most importantly of all, make sure you take time for yourself. Find a quiet moment and use it to support your wellbeing…

Go take a nap in a quiet shady spot (if you can find any). Have a lie down and listen to your favorite music or read a book. Go and take a relaxing shower (if you can manage that with arctic water!). That way you will be refreshed in time for the closing ceremony, which is expected to be a show stopper! I look forward to seeing you all there. Until then, happy Jamboree!

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