Day 2: 24 Jul

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love STEM- science, technology, engineering and maths. My dream job is to work for NASA, so when I went to the Air and Space museum in DC last week, I figured that that was about as good as it gets.

When they said that an astronaut on the ISS (International space station) I could barely contain my excitement. My Dad is also very interested in space, and he always texts me when the ISS is going overhead and we’ll be able to see it.

The fact that I would actually get the opportunity to see that astronaut so far away, and even get to talk to him- I was shocked.

I set off with a couple of girls from my troop in the morning, and we stopped as spent all our money at a trading post on the way- it’s where they sell the official merch. I bought a couple pins, badges and a bandana and now I’m absolutely broke (it was worth it). 

Outside, we traded a bunch of badges with some Americans, which was a bit overwhelming because they absolutely swarmed us. I got some cool badges out of it though. The one thing that I wish I had more of is the little koala thingos that you can buy at all the tourist places in Australia. I had brought some, but there’s a massive demand and I’ve only got a couple left.

We also made our way passed some of the pavilions for all of the countries, and it was really cool to see a little glimpse of each culture.

When all the ambassadors met, they chose me and 14 others to be the ones who actually ask the astronaut questions, and I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I was a little disappointed that everything was scripted, but it didn’t take away from the fact that I, a random person from a tiny town in Australia, got to speak to somebody who was actually up in space!!!

My question was “do you think that scouting will give us an advantage in being some of the next people to make history in space”, which is something I genuinely wanted to know the answer to as my dream is to be someone who makes history in space.

We did a rehearsal first, and when it came time for the real thing I absolutely couldn’t keep the smile off of my face.

The Astronaut that we spoke was Drew Morgan, to had about a 3 second audio and video lag but otherwise it was an absolutely incredible experience. I don’t really remember what he said to me looking back because I was so excited.

Afterwards, I got to take a photo with another astronaut,  Gregory Johnston, who is now retired but has actually been up to the space station himself. When I told him that that was my dream, he told me that I absolutely should, and I’m really inspired by both of those men.

That afternoon I went and saw the big console bridge and a bunch of he international food houses with some of the other ambassadors from Spain and Finland, which was also really fun.

Everyone I’ve met here are absolutely awesome people and I love that they all have a story to tell- where they’re from, why they’re here or what scouting means to them



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