So I’d planned to have a relaxing day with a mate from Canada, but instead ended up on an adventure. My friend was unable to make it due to commitments to their troop, so I made the most of the opportunity to explore with my buddy from my troop. Her name is Arabella and she’s absolutely awesome!
We decided to head over to the shooting range, where we shot a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, a 9mm pistol and a .22 rifle. Absolutely awesome experience. I hit 7/10 clay discs that were shot into the sky with the 12 gauge, and Arabella hit 5/10! It’s absolutely awesome!!! Then with the pistol, Arabella hit most of the targets, whereas I was shooting dirt. I cannot aim with a pistol.
Then we went off to the .22 rifles which were absolutely awesome! I hit 10/10 bullseyes and Arabella hit 3/10! Absolutely awesome to see the results! The guns are so big but so cool.

After shooting, we headed back to camp and prepared for an international dinner. My patrol went over to the Netherlands troop where we ate some outstanding pasta, cheese, beans and spinach. They’re outstanding chefs!

Once we got back to the troop, we saw a German patrol hanging with our guys! They had Sloppy Joe’s for dinner and it looked delicious. I wish I got a taste. The Aussie learned a dance from them too!
And that was the day. Absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure!
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