Buses are part of the everyday life at the 24th World Scout Jamboree (WSJ). While they are great for the scouts, people usually do not know what it is like for the person behind the steering wheel.

Phyllis Kennison has been a bus driver for 31 years. She is known as “the best bus driver at the Jamboree” and there is a good reason: when scouts ride with her, they are engrossed in a happy and fun environment. Phyllis is from Orlando, Florida and has been driving 10 hours per day since the beginning of the 24th WSJ. She also worked at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, also located at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and says “it is good to be back”.

For her, working with the scouts is “awesome. They are very nice and treat us very well”. She confirms that she has had no problems in the event so far. Her best story about the Jamboree so far is seeing a bear: “I was picking up a group from Angola to take them to basecamp D. And when we were coming back I saw the bear. It was scratching its head”.

Phyllis says that the wildlife is one of the best things about working at the Summit. She has already seen a turkey and a deer too. “The wildlife is awesome, with the mountains and this beautiful view. If you are going to work for two weeks somewhere, this might as well be it”, she concludes.

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