How did it happen? A week after jamboree. We all tell the adventures of family and friends at home. And there’s something to tell. Jamboree is definitely one of the biggest adventures of my life. It’s hard to get back to normal life now, without morning wake-up call in several languages, without songs, dances, greetings at every step. So much has happened in such a short time, so many friendships, adventures, new experiences, broken fears. I hope that the contacts made in western Virginia will remain with me forever. I’m glad I could be part of such a great event and I hope to be able to repeat it as an IST or adult carer in 4 years in Korea. I also hope that I will meet some of the friends I have met there, and maybe we will even be able to establish some kind of cooperation between the teams beforehand. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this. It is a pity that my American adventure has come to an end, but it will surely remain in my memory forever.

Ula GA from Poland


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