Hello dear scouts!
Jamboree’s over and 40,000 of us are back home again. So many new experiences, friendships, stories, visions and ideas… We all have so much to tell and to share with our scout group and even with our national scout association. As a Global Ambassador, I am thankful for the opportunity to share my experience from the World Scout Jamboree with scouts in Bosnia and scouts from all around the world. Such a blessing.
I would like to say THANK YOU to the Global Ambassadors Team, you helped soooo much! This would not be possible without you guys. You are the BEST, THANK YOU!
And one big THANK YOU to the all scouts from North America, Mexico and Canada, and all scouts who participated as IST. THANK YOU for making our WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.
THANK YOU, Scout Association of Brcko distrikt B&H for believing in me as a national representative  and for your BIG and significant support for this year’s Jamboree and everything I do in scouting.
Thank you, Scout Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina for recognizing my work and effort and for giving me this great opportunity.
I would like to invite all the scouts from all around the world to read blogs that Global Ambassadors wrote and to continue doing  their best in scouting. Someday, you will be the one who will share your impressions from such a great and one-in-a-lifetime event as World Scout Jamboree is.
And the last, and the greatest THANK YOU I would like to send to our CHIEF, Robert Baden Powell, for making THIS.
Now, so much work is waiting for us. So many ideas…and I am so happy about it.
World Jamboree was something like life rollercoaster. At the end, it lasted too short, it turned us so many times over and over  and still we want more. It was a great challenge that changed us as persons. We have become more mature, we get to know what international scouting is, and we found out about some global problems that we are ready to solve.
Jamboree was………….
I’m sending you my greetings and hugs from Brcko distrikt, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Mail me if you ever come to Bosnia, or on Balkan.
 ZDRAVO! (scouts from Balkan use this word ‘zdravo’ as a scout greeting) 🙂
p.s. Maybe we’ll meet on next world Jamboree or national, region one 😉
                                                         Milica 🙂
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