The summit is massive! You could spend months here completing activities and meeting new people, you’ll never get bored. 

For me, adventurous activities are a no brainer. I love feeling the adrenaline and achievement of over coming my fears. 

My favourite activities so far have all been adventurous. 

The first activity I went to was the big zip, reaching around 50 mph and with birds eye views of the camp and kayakers below this was the most fun experience I’ve had. There was a lot of preparation, getting harnesses and safety talks before we could go down. I went early in the morning to avoid the queues and the landscape was amazing… there was still a mist lying across the camp and it was like something out of a fantasy or myth.














One afternoon, after a lazy day, I went kayaking. This was great as the lines had died down and it wasn’t too hot. I went with a bunch of friends and I brought a waterproof case so I could take photos on the water. I’m so glad I did, the photos of me and my group look amazing and we had such a good time. I found it quite hard to balance on the kayaks and we were challenged to move our weight in to awkward and difficult positions, I fell in a few times but I loved cooling off and getting the chance to swim in the water.

I also went along to the scuba activity. The cool water was so relaxing under the heat of the sun. It was definitely what I needed after a crazy morning. They taught us how to use the equipment in shallow water and we swam around the pool getting used to the equipment and enjoying our time. There was a challenge to win a badge if you could find a washer sitting on the pool floor, I found the washer and me and my mates all got the scuba team badge.

The canopy tours were so cool, We queued for three hours but seeing the views zip lining over the tops of the trees was amazing. We spent about half an hour on the zip line and I’d definitely do it again.

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