The big zip finally arrived. I woke up at 5:45am, and began my trek to the bus stop for the big zip. When I finally got there I looked down and saw the longest, biggest, scariest looking zipline I’d ever seen. When I was sitting there getting prepared to go, I was feeling real nervous, but then finally, I was released and I was off! Flying at 60miles per hour down the zipline. The view was amazing! I could see over the entire campsite. I reached the end of the zipline and looked back and saw how awesome the experience was! Wow!
Walking back to my campsite with my friend Eleanor from Canada, a random person outside of a cricket shop pulled us over and asked if we wanted to try some crickets. If we ate 5, we’d get a free tube of them. Looked disgusting, but didn’t taste that bad.
After eating bugs, I hung out with my Canadian friend Eleanor for a bit and got to know her. She’s a really awesome person and has really left a good impression about Canada. I’m super excited to go there someday!
Then I spent some quality time with my Patrol Leader, Cassidy from Australia. She’s such an awesome person and I couldn’t be more lucky to have her lead me through the World Scout Jamboree. We went to the bridge and took an awesome photo of us.
To close the day, I stopped by the C/D basecamp mini-concert. Featuring some extremely talented Country Music artists.
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