The bows

So on the jamboree we have lots of challenges to start with. You can go to the bows, where you can try out kong bow, recurve bow, compound bow and also crossbow. All this on different levels and different challenges. But first you Will need the Safety instruction. You can do 3d target, crossbows, bow sport where you have to hit the flying target,


The zips

The jamboree also have the big zip line so you can fly over the campsites and enjoy the amazing view on your way down the big zip, 1km kong zip line where you Will reach a speed up to 80 km/h. The ride is a fast with a amazing view Over the whole jamboree you have to hold tight thi Because when you reach the end you need to have enough speed, to reach the platform.


Water reality

This water obstacle run is for a group of 4 you have to teamwork and use your brain to get through the course. Alle requires to help and carry each other. To beat the faster time or you could just have fun! There is 5 challenges and 5 difference solutions. But you have to get over everything. And maybe find the hidden novus

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