Friday in Jamboree was a really good day, it was culture day, it was very beatiful know about many cultures, that was the theme of the day.

So it begins like at 6 or 7 on the morning, they were going to the supermarket and… I wanted to go like all the week, so we went with my friends, it was very fun, you find many things there, we always go with an adult so we didn’t have like the freedom to take what we want because we only take like the things that we need, so that morning we take all that we wanted, it was very fun because thing that we see thing that we take. We went to the camo, they scold us because we bought like a ton of things, we make our traditional food, BALEADAS, that thing is the best food in all the world, if you want to know what is that food, you need to search for it. We prepare our camp to receive our visits, we expose from Honduras all day long, since 9am to 5pm, we talk about our currency, flag, food, candies and many other things. At the night we have the like one best thing on the world, one thing that every people they would wish. They began with cultural things, they were very beautiful, I was thinking like, you need to be very brave to step up in front of 45,000 people, as I am saying you, it was very beautiful. Later they bought us BroadWay, you know what I am telling you is BroadWay and they sang us Disney songs, Mulan, Hercules, Frozen and many others.

It was just beautiful, at the end was the best part because we begin to play and and sing with all my contingent and it was very fun.

That was day #4 in Jamboree



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