World Scout Jamboree ” A World of Adventure”

Day #7

Just forget something very important and I don’t know why, and Sunday we went to mass, it was very beautiful and there was a ton people.

Continue with day #7, was Monday, need to woke up early because I was going to water reality, that is like a obstacle course in water, I wake up at 6 am, eat something and began my trip, I love to walk, it is something that I really enjoy, walking here is more joyful because everyone is so friendly and always if I am alone someone will come to me or I speak to someone and we walk together.

I arrive to the lake and I saw that obstacles, them seem easy but they were hard and very fun, my team was with Suyen and I can tell thta we were a very good them, she is from Nicaragua, we finish in 13 minutes, more than I expected but it was really fun, later I nerr to head back to my camp so I that a shower and make other activities. I just walk wet like half hour, it was delicious because the day was really hot. I take a shower and that day just wanted to receive some courses to get a badge and a neckerchief, almost all my contingent follow me because they also wanted the same things as me.

So we began, we pass through Peru, Czech Republic, all for nature, we recibe a talk of Human Rights and many other things, at the end we got all our badges and neckerchiefs, it was very fun.

That night Nadja from Switzerland was coming to my contingent to eat, I make pasta with sauce and chicken. She arrive and we talk for like 3 hours about everything tht you can think, she was really nice.

That was day #7 in the best scout camp of all the world

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