Hi,Im Pai Han Huang (Josephine ). I am one of the global ambassador of Scout of China (Taiwan )in the World Scout Jamboree .This is my personal blog,and I would like to share some experience and something fun for these day(7/23 )

Yesterday (The day I type this is 7/24 )was the first time that I met the members in my group (Eagle),but sadly I havent remembered all the names of them  (In the end I finally knew two members 😂😜). In one of the activities,we wrote down our name ,country and our WhatsApp (A kind of social media )ID and changed the paper to the member who sat across yourself .The goal of this  activity ;is about to let us know each other more and invite the member who writes their information on the paper

to go your subcamp for dinner ,but this activity has to invite twice ! The first time is like I wrote above,the second time is the member who was invited for dinner at Thursday should invite the member that invited you at first go to your subcamp for dinner at Monday . (A good way to know each other more and  both culture . ) 

Let me share something fun to you guys : Just only six hours ,I had got lost for three.The first time is in the morning ,I was going to the place we had a information meeting ,the second is when I was going back to our camp(I got to the wrong camp ),the last time I was going to SDR”(Opening Shows meeting place );I forgot to turn left and I hadnt seen the sign 😂.

 P.S.When all the Global Ambassadors were waiting for the start of the show ,I met some new friends (They are all from Asia.)

P.P.S In the Show, it has awesome fireworks and drones!

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