6:10 in the morning. I hear the alarm but take think it’s part of my dream. No more than a minute later I understand that i have to turn of the alarm and start getting  ready.  All dressed up now, with my backpack I head out. Everyone is asleep so I grab some food for the day and start walking to get the bus. Almost everyone slept on the way to the West Virginia state museum, and I joined. To be honest, I’m not a museum person, I hate them so when I heard we were going to one, imagine my face. I have no admit though that I loved that one, I would go a thousand times again.  After a tour in the area where the state’s files are kept, we went to the exhibition. It was beautifully set up by chronological order, so that you could walk through time. The setup was awesome, everything was carefully placed to create an amazing scenery. We left in a hury so I didn’t have enough time to see everything but we went to a scout center were we ate pizza, something everyone appreciated. From the scout center, we boarded a boat and cruised a bit in the river, saw the capitolium and the charleston university. Our final stop was J.Q. Dickinson, a place where salt is “harvested” from the earth, not salt water and got to taste it, as well as some other stuff like salted caramel. The day was wonderful and the weather was nice but it was raining when we got to the summit. This though didn’t stop me from having a great dinner with the Czech Republic contigent, learning a lot about their country and enjoy the amazing base camp bash.

Books carefully stored in archive

Beautifully set up state museum

Cruising around
The process of drying salt
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