Today, I (Toby Luck) and Eve Väänänen, went to the Water Reality Experience!! An absolutely brilliant obstacle course designed to challenge those which wish to be challenged. The water was warm and we did our best to complete all the challenges.

Then we headed off to Rock climbing! Where I climbed some of the hardest walls, and Eve had her second experience climbing ever! She did amazingly and it was loads of fun.

After rock climbing, we went to an escape room! Where we learned about leadership styles and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We got grouped with some random American folk which were super awesome and fun. We successfully completed the escape room in time.

After that, we had a tour of the big arena stage and got to see all the cool equipment and gear. It is so big and high-tech.

After that, we headed to the Italian Food House and ate some pizza together! Was delicious! 10/10 (besides the wait… 2hours).

At dinner, my friend Renee from Malaysia brought her patrol for a special Australian dinner, consisting of an Australian Burger for mains. The burger is made up from a really nice toasted bun, with a beef patty, salads, Ketchup and some delicious cheese. It was so cool! They taught us some new games that I’m sure we’ll all bring back to our units. I’m excited to take my patrol to their dinner.

Tomorrow’s I’ll be off on another adventure with some Australian mates.

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