At the Summit, there is an obstacle course called Water Reality. Water reality is done in a team of 4, and it involves climbing over a large, inflatable tube; flipping a water see-saw; scaling a large inflatable iceberg; running along a barrel; and running along a water mat. My team of 4 consisted of the ambassadors from Lebanon, Finland, and Estonia. We had a bit of difficulty doing the first obstacle, but we pulled through as a team. We finished in a bit over 10 minutes. I personally really enjoyed water reality. After Water Reality, I met up with some friends at the rocks. The Rocks is the larger of the Summit’s two climbing areas. The rocks also has walls that are man-made but extremely realistic. I climbed several of the easier rock walls before going Bouldering, which is essentially climbing sideways along a rock formation. After that, my friend suggested that we go rappelling. While I was initially quite scared of going off the side of the 40-foot rappelling tower, I found out that it was extremely fun. I felt just like Spider-Man jumping between buildings. We then went to some of the more challenging walls, which were just that. But, challenging also means fun and extremely rewarding. After about 2 hours of climbing, I went back to camp to rest and get out of the sun. Later, a few other ambassadors and I were invited to the Italian ambassador’s campsite for dinner. Immediately upon arriving to the Italian campsite, I was greeted and asked to take a seat for dinner. We then sang a blessing over the food to the tune of We Will Rock You. That was by far my favorite prayer of all time. Saying that the food that followed was good would be an understatement. After dinner, we talked over dessert about our respective cultures. In conclusion, it was a day well spent with amazing people doing things that I have never done before.



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