The first thing I did today was meet a new friend, but not a jamboree participant. I met a giant beetle, who was hanging out in our kitchen. It was very cool, because in Canada I have never seen a beetle that was so big. We named him Chad, and after taking some photos of my friend, I headed over to the showers.

Today I needed to wash my clothes, which is quite an adventure here at the jamboree. I’ve seen quite a few different systems people are using, but the one I have been doing is like this: I pack all my dirty clothes into a dry bag, (a rubber bag that’s waterproof). Next I take them into the showers, which are ice cold. I pour a little soap into my dry bag, shake it up, then drain it. I repeat this without soap to rinse it out, then wring all my clothes out and hang them to dry.

All over the jamboree, anywhere you look, you can see signs of people going about their lives. Clothes hanging on lines, solar panels charging phones, shoes discarded in the grass as their owners walk around barefoot. Today I thought I’d tell you a bit about a typical day at the jamboree, so everyone who isn’t at the jamboree can still hear about how things work around here.

I’ve already told you about washing clothes, so next up would be food.

Our food at the jamboree is very plain and easy to prepare. Every day we have to take our wagon up to our grocery store, where we get the food we will need for the day. After that, we can cook our breakfasts, which are usually oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches, cereal, or bagels. Before we head off to activities, we pack a lunch so we can eat on the go. Our lunches often have a sandwich, cookies, an apple or banana, and maybe a granola bar.

For dinner we have some more variety, we usually have a salad, along with some sort of meat and carbohydrates.

During the day, we are usually busy doing adventure activities, meeting new people, and trading badges.

After dinner, when activities are closed, is when people socialize and visit each other a lot. As I write this, some Danish scouts are visiting our site, and some Belgians have just left. As night falls, people are often found scattered across the site, visiting new friends, playing gaga ball, or trading badges by the bridge.

Some nights, there is shows, with music, dancing, and lots of cheering. Yesterday was the unity show, but today there isn’t too much going on, which makes the perfect time to charge your phone, trade some badges, try some new food, or maybe even make friends with a giant beetle.

You never know what the jamboree will throw your way.



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