Ok so today was my first activity as a global Ambassador! I went to the Water reality, witch is an obstacle course! It was very funny, because I did not have enough of force in my arms to climb on them! I had a really great time with one of my Global Ambassadors friend!
Yesterday I just couldn`t go to my activity, because it was to dark at 5.30am, and I am afraid to walk alone in the darkā€¦ I was supposed to do the Canopy tour witch I will do later of course!
So after that, I went to rest in my subcamp, because I was really tired. But I had meet my friend from another subcamp, and I was sooooo happy to see her again, because she is one of my best friends!
Now, I am exited to have Lorena for dinner at my camp, and I hope for her that is going to love our meal!

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