Hiii! It’s time for my very first post. Let’s start with an interduction! So I’m Aada, 17 years old scout from Finland. And here, at the World Scout Jamboree 2019 I’m a global ambassador. That means I get to share my excperiences with you! I’m super excited about that and I hope you are too!

So, yesterday the camp had opening seremony, where they introduced all the participating countries. After that, there were different kinds of performances, for example a band who played with recycled instruments. They also played with ladders and blenders. I think it was like so cool, because it showed that you can make music out of everything. It really warmed my heart, because music is so important part of my life.

Today I had a chill morning. Around afternoon I went to this NASA-program, where we called to the international space station. Some of the ambassadors got to ask questions from the astronaut. It was interesting to get to know different things about life in the station. For example did you know, that they can actually get emails to there?

After the program, we went to picnic with my friend Mari, who’s from Norway. Many people came to talk with us, and we made plenty new friends! And that is what I think the Jamboree is all about, making new friends and get new excperiences. Let’s see what tomorrow brings with it!

– Aada

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