When we attended the Global Ambassador Meeting last monday, we were told to always stay positive within our blog. And I get it. Who would want to read someone whining away, when you could read about the amazing experiences everyone is having.

But there is one thing I wanted to mention. Some might find it annoying. But I was given the chance to have a voice, so I’m going to use it.

Plastic Use. I’m someone who grew up in a family where the environment has always played a big role. I’m someone, who especially in the past few years, has been converting into living a fairlz sustainable lifestyle. And the plastic use here shocked me to the core.

Every single thing is wrapped in plastic, from the cucumber (one packed at a time) to the cereal (packed in serving cups), to the tents to every new thing you buy. The waste of this Jamboree is amazing. At the Opening Ceremony people were talking about being sustainable and I almost laughed at the Irony. From all the great things this Jamboree is – a symbol of Unity, of Scouting, of Friendship and more – the last thing it is, is sustainable.

Let’s ignore the flying-to-West-Virginia-from-all-over-the-world-part for a moment (I mean, that is kind of the point of the Jamboree and it is hard to get around that) and just focus on the plastic production and waste. There are so many things that were specifically produced for the jamboree – the tents being the most obvious aswell as the many supplies for every single unit, many of which came in unnecessary packaging and many of which are made of plastic.

Another problem is the recycling system. There is one! And that already made me a little proud. But the rules have been changed almost everyday since we arrived. So one day the cereal cups go into the recycling bin, the next day they don’t. Completely absurd!

This blog post isn’t just to complain. It’s the request for a more sustainable Jamboree next time around in South Korea. This is me, standing up and asking for change. And I’m asking for it, because I want Jamborees to be able to continue, but maybe without having to destroy the world more than we already do.

I’m asking you to share this blog or to write your own. I’m asking you to discuss the matter within your unit, your scout group or your friends and family. I’m asking you to ask your contingent leaders to fight for a more sustainable and eco-friendly Jamboree. I’m asking you to do everything that you can. The world is ours. And especially as scouts it is our duty to leave it a better place than when we came.

Maya Levine


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