I woke up accompanied by two very different things: a clammy fever, which stuck with me ever since a cheeky colleague dropped a cold bucket over my head the day before. The second thing, was the crazy, fuzzy, excited idea that I was going to ride on the world’s longest zip line!
   I had to wake up a bit before my colleagues. I got ready and set off! It was a walk to the Summit Center and alot of us were sitting there waiting for someone to come by. A friendly global ambassador staff member guided us to a bus, which in turn took us to the zip.
   The thought at this point still hadn’t reached my head; I WAS RIDING THE WORLD’S LONGEST ZIPLINE. And only did it enter my mind when I was standing at the ready attached to the ride.
It was the most terrifying and joyful minute and a half of the whole camp.
I did it though. And it was definitely worth it. The views were vast, and bird-sighted. It felt overwhelming. It felt amazing. It ended with a smooth zoom over a lake. And beyond it the landing post. I halted like a bird to a branch. And they gently unattached me from the fastenings. My legs were probably the numbest they’ve ever been. But I couldn’t stop smiling that day. Thanks, Summit. You’ve done it again.
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