In all honesty, my contingent started the Jamboree off on the wrong foot. When we got to camp on the 22nd, everyone was exhausted from the 17 hour flight and then the 5 hour drive from Ethiopia to the Summit. Even worse it was raining like crazy when we got into camp, and personally, I don’t enjoy sitting up tents in heavy rain.

Early Tuesday morning, I learned I had a Global Ambassador meeting. So I ran all the way from my sub-camp, which is on the easternmost point of Base Camp F, Fort Jesus, to the headquarters of Base Camp F then all the way to the Pigott Scout Center. I got there a few minutes late but my table caught me up quickly. Go Gorillas! I thought the meeting was real fun and I made a lot of friends. As soon as the meeting was over, I made the hike back to camp so I could charge my phone and contact my leader and she was already at the Scott Summit Center which is really far from camp. 

At the Summit Center, I met the rest of the Global Ambassadors and we got ready to have the honor of carrying our country’s flag in front of around 50,000 Scouts from all over the world. I made even more friends here than in the morning. After we were done there we went around the back and saw some of the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen, and I’ve attended quite a few 4th of July celebrations. We also had dinner together; Some of the best mac and cheese I’ve had in a little while.

I thought Bear Grylls speech was absolutely inspiring. When the entertainment of the night, Recycled Percussion, began their performance I had finally found my contingent, and we went hard. Definite 10/10.


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