We, all the global ambassadors from the jamboree, met at 16:30 because we were honored to carry our nation’s flag for the opening ceremony.
As I arrived I could already tell that everyone was as excited as I was. We followed the instructions that were given and managed to get everyone in right order for the ceremony. Not every ambassador had the opportunity to represent their own country but they filled in for the nations that don’t have an ambassador.
Then our time had come and we entered the arena from the back. We could hear all the 40’000 scouts screaming and noticed that everyone was taking pictures of us. As we walked down to the front of the stage I couldn’t help but smile. It was an amazing feeling that I’m not able to discribe.
Then all the countries were called out and every ambassador had seven seconds to wave their flag infront of everyone while the scouts from the outcalled country cheered and screamed loudly.
When it was my turn, I didn’t really expect to hear the scouts from my country (Liechtenstein) because we are only 84 and I knew that they were sitting in the very back. But surprisingly I did, what made me even happier. I was proud of Liechtenstein and also very proud that I had the honour to represent it.
Later all the global ambassadors were invited backstage where we could all eat together before we went back to our contingents to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.
In my opinion the opening ceremony was beautiful because everyone was in a good mood and we had a lot of chances to meet people from all over the world. It also made me even more excited about what else we will experience in the following days.

Right before the ceremony started
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