I woke up with excitement in the morning,finding out that my contingent has prepared breakfast for everyone. I walk to the orientation with Alice, whose a global ambassador too. At the beginning of our way to the orientation was tricky but we found the way through google map at last.

After the orientation,I went to found my contingent. Theyre at Boulder Cove. When waiting in line,I met some people with rainbow flags. They said that many people came to take pictures with them because of the rainbow flags. I found out two interesting facts:one is the badges with panda are popular and the other one is that there lots of people here hadnt heard of Taiwan before.

I was nervous while doing the program because I am a little bit afraid of heights. But the nice thing is when I got to the ground,the staff there said I did a great job up there and it courages me to play the second time.

After Boulder Cove,I was heading to Scott Summit Center with my contingent. I met another Taiwanese on my way and hes one of the IST. I told him Im one of the ambassadors and he suggested me to submit some articles on the scout magazine back in Taiwan.

Next is the opening ceremony,ambassadors were required to carry their own flags. I think its an honor to carry the flag of my country.

I met scouts from Indonesia and Hong Kong when waiting getting the flags. The scout from Indonesia said that he had a friend who speaks Chinese and hes hoping I can shoot a video in Chinese. So I did,I shot a video which I said my name,country and other stuff in Chinese. I also saw some blackboards with lots of graffiti. I recognized some words in Chinese was on the board and Im very glad to see it.

After carrying the flag,we had dinner behind the stage. I came back to my contingent in the ceremony. At the end of the opening,theres lighting little things which can move in the air and arranging some patterns or words ,I think those were spectacular.

We walk back to the BaseCamp with tiredness ,but I think this is a great day and a wonderful start of my jamboree.


Me and table Koi I meet at the orientation.


My lunch and Boulder Cove!!


The group I met with rainbow flags.


The blackboard with lots of graffiti on.


The lighting little thing arranged as the logo of the WSJ.




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