To make sure we recycle as much as possible and throw away as less as we can, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Waste should be separated into the following categories:

  1. Mixed recyclables (recyclable) – take it to the Basecamp recycling center.
  2. Trash/food waste (non-recyclable) – take it to the Basecamp recycling center.
  3. Cardboard (recyclable) – goes back to the Jamboree Unit Food Market (make sure it stays dry).

Set up your own unit recycling center for categories 1 and 2 and after each meal take it to the basecamp recycling center (near the Jamboree Unit Food Market).

In other areas of the jamboree look for these signs to help you separate your waste:

Read more in “My Sustainable Jamboree” chapter in the guidebook.

If you have any question you can ask your subcamp Recycle Ranger (an IST member of the Green Team) and they will gladly help you!

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