Hi! Today, I went for a dinner to Mathis from France. It was an idea from Global Ambassadors Exchange Program. Now, I can tell you some interesting informations about French scouts and their country. In France, people loves good, light meals with their friends. French camp is eating with all 40 persons. It was so fun to talk and laugh with them. Our lunch was tasteful! In France, scarfs are the most important element of scout uniform. Mathis’es team has got blue uniform and they don’t have official hats. They have got scout collects mixed with woman and man. At French camps, they’re dancing, eating and spending time together. Just like Jamboree! French is unusual and typical language. Their talks are interesting to hear. Mathis told me, that his country is beautiful and I saw some photos from France. This crazy day ended so positive and I’m so thankful, that I had occasion to met those people.


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