I got to spend all day with my unit today, which is extremely rare! It was great as I have been running around with Global Ambassador duties since the jamboree began and I really wanted to just sit and be “normal” for a day.

Well…i couldn’t have chosen a better day: today was the day we went up Mount Jack! It was a wonderful experience, we learnt about how the Boy Scouts of America were founded, played with pioneering designs, and explored a frontier village with axe and knife throwing as well as shooting.

My only problem was that, being half english, i have a tendency to burn …and i burnt behind my knees. It was not painful. At all. Oh well, you live and you learn: next time I’ll just have to smother myself in suncream and look like a snowman!

After lunch it was time to go back yo our base camp, here i got to go food shopping for dinner for the first time at the jamboree. Wow. Food. Everywhere. The food tent is essentially a massive tent, filled with stacks of boxes of food, with tags above that you have to scan on the Grubmaster food app (it does the same job as the scanning machine at cashiers at supermarkets. The fun part was having to haul all the food back uphill across camp in a trolley!

The food made it back safely and my patrol cooked an italian dinner of pasta chicken and salad, and we had brownies for dessert (which I spotted in the food tent!).

It was nice to have some time to chill and breathe and hang out with my unit today, because as much as I love the jamboree and its activities, it is very very tiring! Well, tomorrows a new day with a new programme, so…goodnight!

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