Life at the jamboree has been treating me pretty well so far, and I’ve been lucky enough to participate in a lot of activities and meet a lot of amazing people. The morning after the amazing opening ceremony, I got up early to get on the Big Zip. It was a long hike to the launch point, and we went so uphill we ended up above the mist! I was nervous before I got on the zipline because I couldn’t see the end of the line, but once I started zipping above the green trees and through the mist, it was exhilarating!

Another really cool thing at the Jamboree is the World Point, where I spent an entire afternoon. At the World Point, countries have tents where you can play games, trade, and even learn some local slang (i learnt some South African slang)!

The jamboree has given me the chance to reunite with some old friends too. I know a lot of my unit as we were together at the 1st Desmos Camp, so it is great to be able to make more memories with them. I also got to see my good friend Mike (who’s the Lebanese Global Ambassador), and other Lebanese people from Desmos camp like Nour, Norman and Khalil, who i last saw 2 years ago, so i was really happy about that reunion too!

Being an island girl, i started to miss seeing and being near water, so today i spent the day doing water activities! I started by doing Water Reality with 2 other Global Ambassadors where we tested our teamwork (and i discovered i have no upper body strength), then did the team stand up paddleboarding (SUP) with girls from my unit, where we learnt to navigate and work as a team. It was nice to spend time with both the Global Ambassador family and my unit family today (and the suntan was just a bonus!)

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