For me, 25th of july started at 5:40 AM. It was the day for the Big Zip. Morning was misty and only thinking about the hight I was going to be on made me feel anxious. I went to our little fridge and took sandwiches my troop prepared last night. Everybody was sleeping so I had to be very quiet. I walked to my leaders tent and woke him up to tell him I’m ready to go. Today is a hike day for basecamp Foxtrot, and rest of my group will go there (when they wake up). Walking down to the meeting place that early in the morning gave me a new experience. Close to the path I saw a deer resting in the grass. It was a beautiful sight and I took a minute to enjoy watching it. Next was a bus stop where I meet other Global Ambassadors. Standing on the top of the Big Zip, just waiting for everything to be ready gives you chills. Jumping down freaks you out, but once you are on the Zip you can’t feel better. Going trough mist and reaching 55mph/88kmh while you can see only top of trees gives you a great feeling. Best part of it is when the lake appears underneath you. Definitely the best experience I ever had.

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