Guys it’s been two days since we got the jamboree, and it’s the most amazing experience in the world. We had a huge opening show, with all the people from the hole world. I met some Scottish scouts and it was amazing, they were actually making fun of me because I was half Scottish it was great, because in the end we made friends and we decided to meet to exchange badges the next day, it was great I was so excited.Today instead I woke up so early, but it was really worth it. We got lost we ran and we had so much fun, and in the end we went on the longest zip line in the world. If you ever have the chance to go on a zip line really do it’s one of the best experiences in the world.

After me and my group went climbing, and we had so much fun, try at home to look for one of the activities we did, for sure you will find something like what we are doing, and you will have one of the most amazing days, we walked a lot and then we claimed . After we gust went aground the camp and met lots of people, and we even tried eating ants, they are not that bad, it’s something to try. Continue following us to know what we do in the next days!❤











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